pinning, tail A perfect game for a baby shower similar to the old classic “pin the tail on the donkey”! Get a poster board to create your target area and some foam style paper, or other thicker firmer paper to create your "pinning" object. You may get as creative as you'd like on this! Here's some great suggestions from others who have played this:

On your poster board sketch out mommy with her arms cradled but yet empty, you can place her in any setting such as hospital room lying in bed, kitchen, park or wherever - you can cut pictures out of magazines to decorate with! then out of foam, construction, or even painted cardboard make cute little babies with sticky tape on the back ready to pin in mommy's arms by the blindfolded player! Or draw a crying baby with mouth open wide on your poster board and make cute pacifiers, bottles, or sippy-cups out of your other paper with sticky backing ready to plug into baby's mouth! Or just do a simple preggie belly outline on your poster board and make simple dots out of your other paper and it can be "pin the belly button on the preggie belly!" Have fun!
Category: Baby Shower Games
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