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prediction, toolBased on an old wives tale, this test is used to make uncanny predictions. You don't even need to be pregnant to play. It predicts how many children you will have total, and their genders. With women who have had children already it reveals those children as well, along with any future children. Take a sharpened pencil that has a good eraser, the pencil can be used, and thread a needle. then stab the needle straight down into the center of the eraser and let it dangle from the thread. Now hold it about 1 or 2 inches above the right wrist of the person to be read. Have their wrist inside up, the back of their hand against the table in a rested state, not moving. Now the pencil may quiver a bit, that's normal - its determining. It will start with the first born. It will start to move on its own, If it makes a circle Its a girl. If it moves back and forth, left to right, from outside of wrist to inside then its a boy. Tiny little circles don't count - its just doing its quivering thing - its at a standpoint then releases to reveal the next born. If it stays pretty still or quivers slightly for longer than what the standpoint takes then its done predicting. For reasons unknown it does not predict any miscarriages or abortions. This is fun for everyone at a baby shower. Its psychic fun!

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