Lots of Fun Baby Shower Ideas to Make Your Party Planning Easy, Successful and Memorable!

baby shower idea, newGet a pretty gift bag or basket and fill with all the following goodies. Then write the following sentences on a card and include it!

Cotton Ball - to help soften any rough times

Paper Clip - so you can hold things together when they seem to be disorganized

Glue stick or bandages - to fix hurt feelings

Battery - so you can keep going and going and going

Bubble Gum - stick with it and you can accomplish anything

Match - to light your fire when you feel burnt out

String or a ball of yarn - to tie things together when everything falls apart

Eraser - to remind you that every new Mommy made mistakes

Lollipop - to lick all your problems away

Toothpick - to pick out the good in all situations

Penny - for your thoughts

Earplugs - for times when you can't hear yourself think

Nuts - to remind you to laugh and get a little nutty

Candle - so you never feel like your in the dark

Rubber band - to remind you that flexibility is the key and to stretch you to new limits

Marbles - to replace the ones you will loose

Button - a reminder to button your lips and count to 10

Tissues - to dry those tears - you and baby's.

Tea Bag - take a few minutes for yourself and unwind

Cotton Bud - to clean out little ears - for better listening

Mints - to remind you that your job as a Mommy is worth a mint

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