Lots of Fun Baby Shower Ideas to Make Your Party Planning Easy, Successful and Memorable!

diaper party, baby shower ideasWhile the women are having a baby shower - the men can get together and have a "diaper party"! They could BBQ, order pizza, watch sports, play poker - whatever their pastimes and each guest bring a package of diapers! A great game for the guys to play is this: Have everyone in a circle and get a deck of cards. In the center of the circle are some "guy gifts" some trinkets they may appreciate all wrapped up! Have dad-to-be hold the cards and start asking around the circle "red or black?" the guy guesses and dad holds up the first card off the top of the deck to reveal what it is, if the guy said red and its red then he can get up and go to the center and get a gift, if he said black then he stays put with no gift. The next person is asked and so on and so on. The next guy guessing right can get up and get a gift in the center or TAKE any gift from the other guys!! Its so fun! after you go through the whole deck the game is over and and everyone can open their gifts!! This game can be played at the baby shower too - but I thought it was a perfect guy game!

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