Lots of Fun Baby Shower Ideas to Make Your Party Planning Easy, Successful and Memorable!

Welcome Baby!Try this 

Don't have your Baby Shower Guestbook displayed at the entrance of the party. Let guests settle in and pass it around. Then they can leisurely sign it, comment and leave their blessings in it. You will have great responses and they’ll feel less rushed & on the spot. Pass out a cute basket of markers, crayons, colored pencils, etc. and encourage some doodling. Allow each guest to have a full page for sharing (not just a one-liner). Draw a square on each page big enough to insert a photo of them and take individual photos of each guest. Of course A group photo for the front or back would be great! Capture the spirit of the moment by taking pictures throughout the party of guests playing games & laughing and put that on their page. You can use a Polaroid or develop pictures later.

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