Lots of Fun Baby Shower Ideas to Make Your Party Planning Easy, Successful and Memorable!

poem, baby shower(As this poem is being read, at the end of each sentence the gift in parenthesis is handed to the mommy) You can create a gift list and delegate by asking each attendee to bring one of the gift items on the list in addition to what they are already bringing. "Here are some ideas for the Parents-to-be (Parents Magazine). The Formula for nurturing your sweet new baby. (Formula) The Light of your lives, your baby's nearly here (Night Light) Soon you both can Snuggle and hold your baby near (Snuggle Fabric Softener) Those first sweet cries will be Music to your ears (Lullaby's CD or Cassette) Hold your wee one close, tell your baby No More Tears (Johnson's baby Shampoo) To Bond with your new baby, every day and every night (Gold Bond Baby Powder) The Keys are love and kindness, soft touches are just right (Baby Teething Keys) You can Pamper your new bundle, who needs to fell secure (Pampers Diapers) Your little Lamb will love you, of that you can be sure (Stuffed Animal, Lamb) As the Apple of your eyes, your baby can be free (Jar of Baby Applesauce) To learn about the world in a bright safe Nurser-y (Playtex Nurser) Please try not to shout if your baby makes a fuss (Shout Stain Remover) It's your child's way of learning to be like the rest of us (Child Magazine) We hope you have enjoyed these tips for family (Q-tips) We're certain that parenthood will suit you to a T (Tee-Shirt)

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